Jack the Kookaburra, Pattern

Jack the Kookaburra, Pattern



In the early decades of the 20th century when Australiana was all the rage, Kookas were a favourite motif and wildly popular.

The Story of Love: A Laughing Jack Mobile Kookaburra is not only one of Australia’s most loved icons, they ‘re truly marvellous birds. From our early years as a colony, Kookas have attracted artists and scientists alike, drawn by their unique laugh and appearance. Over the intervening years, Kookaburra imagery has come to grace just about everything the tramp art to fine art, from patriotic postcards and posters to decorative ceramics, from pokerwork and jewellery to furniture, metal ware and textiles.

As the concept of a national identity gained prominence, the Kookurras natural loyalty, irreverence and individualism aligned with the way we came to see ourselves. During both World Wars, cartoons and propaganda drew upon parallels between the loud, gutsy Kooka and the Aussie Digger, further entrenching them both in our national psyche as cheeky larrikins.

This mobile can features a pair of Laughing Jacks in a traditional pose, nestled in native foliage. Make one or two Kookas, the choice is yours but if you are creating this hanging for Christmas you might decide to sit your Kooka on a wreath of fresh natives where they will look completely at home.

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