Rabbit in the Moon, Pattern

Rabbit in the Moon, Pattern



Our Moon Rabbit is inspired by the story of the Rabbit in the Moon and by some vintage wood block prints that tell the tale.

In a Year of the Rabbit, this pattern invites you create your own version to that celebrate those joyous wood blocked Rabbits as they frolic in the light of the Moon.

ak was created to showcase traditions and stories that are so integral to a culture that they became part of textile history. The Story of the Rabbit in the Moon is one such tale.

The Rabbit enjoys a special place in Japan. It is viewed as a messenger between the Moon and the Earth and takes a central role in celebrations like the Autumn Moon Festival. Consequently, Rabbits are extremely popular motifs on Japanese fabrics.

Initially created as a finished mobile more than 20 years ago, it remains one of our most loved designs.

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