Talant knitted camel e-pattern

Talant knitted camel e-pattern



Talant, the central Asian camel sits nonchalantly waiting to be relieved of his cargo of hand-woven textiles, sacks of fleece and richly dyed yarn. His body is turned slightly against the wind and his striped legs are tucked neatly away under him.
In typical central Asian style, Talant’s woven trappings are embellished with buttons, shells, silver talismans for protection and colourful, fat wool tassels. A thick felt saddle cloth and woven saddle bag cover his broad back providing a stable foundation for an array rugs, embroidered fabrics and numerous bags holding domestic goods. Talant’s various pockets and bags are ideal for stashing frequently used knitting needles, notions and sewing equipment making him the perfect handwork companion. In traditional nomadic culture, bags and containers of all shapes and sizes were essential - personalise Talant by adding decorative bags and sacks suited to your own special interests and needs.

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