Talant cylinder kit

Talant cylinder kit



The image of the camel caravan laden with exotic fabrics and goods springs immediately to mind when thinking of the ancient Silk Routes of central Asia. No other animal was as important to the development in overland trade across Asia. While horses were described as ‘a man’s wings’, the camels’ status and unique characteristics are the subject of countless traditional folk stories, legends and songs. Pictorial images of animals were not conventionally used on decorative and woven textiles from the region - the exception being the camel whose distinctive hump endures to this day as a stylized kelim motif.

This kit will make a stylish applied wall panel featuring 3 camels laden with trade goods plus a string of 3 complimentary mobile camels.

The kit includes:

  • a detailed easy to follow pattern, 
  • 20cm x 60cm 2mm thick wall panel in cream 100% pure wool
  • 100% wool felt for the camels,
  • cotton batting,
  • calico for backing,
  • a selection of felt for the trims,
  • embroidery threads,
  • yarn and trims for adding details. 

packaged in an ak printed camel cylinder

size: 20cm x 60cm

skill level: sewing and embroidery experience required


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